What is an Auto warranty?

Auto Warranty is a service contract given by the manufacturer to its customer. Once the manufacturer auto warranty expires, a customer can avail extended auto warranty by purchasing it again. The important note is, only a few manufacturing companies offer auto warranty for normal wear and tear of the vehicle components unless it falls under their auto warranty terms. The specific reason is, cost of the vehicle determines components lifespan and the interesting thing is, as per the manufacturing companies “the manufacturer’s warranty can be claimed, only if the normal wear and tear occurs after crossing a certain miles or duration


Types of Auto Warranty

There are two kinds of auto warranty, manufacturer’s auto warranty and extended auto warranty. Warranty within these categories, however, differ to some extent.


For example, A Manufacturer’s Auto Warranty may cover multiple parts for a longer period than a competitor’s. Both forms of warranty must, at the very least, include malfunctions and manufacturing flaws.


Manufacturer’s Auto Warranty

  • Manufacturer’s Auto Warranty is none but an assurance given by the manufacturing company to the customers in the form of a certificate, that their product would work without any flaws or defects until a certain wear and tear limit. More of all, it’s a manufacturer’s emotional selling strategy to sell their product, because most of the buyers or customers choose a product based on quality over quantity.
  • In that specific period, if the product wears off too soon or manufacturing flaws ruin your vehicle condition, you can replace or repair vehicle components using the auto warranty given by the vehicle manufacturer.
  • This auto warranty is designed to cover the expenses of replacement and repair if the vehicle malfunctions or breaks due to a manufacturer’s flaw.
  • This sort of auto warranty doesn’t include any damage to the car that you cause. It can, however, recompense you for unforeseen breakdowns or malfunctions. The majority of new automobiles come with a manufacturer’s auto warranty.


Extended Auto Warranty

  • The first thing to note, this extended auto warranty can be availed during your first purchase of the vehicle, yet your extended auto warranty activates only when your manufacturer auto warranty expires.
  • You can purchase the extended auto warranty even before the expiration date of your manufacturing auto warranty. So in that case, you can go through which extended auto warranty will suit you better based on your vehicle conditions and repairs you’ve gone through frequently.
  • You should also duly note that an extended auto warranty is entirely different from the manufacturer’s auto warranty, so do use FindMyQuotes to get yourself several better warranty providers. You can choose which suits you the best.


Auto Warranty Coverage

As we described in the above topic, there are two types of Auto Warranty, you might have thought or had a question too like “ What’s the Auto Warranty Limit ? or Is there any specific coverage limit to that ?

Indeed, those two Auto Warranty has a coverage limit,


Manufacturer Auto Warranty Coverage Limit: There are only two categories in the Manufacturers Auto Warranty,

  • Bumper to Bumper: A Bumper to Bumper auto warranty covers vehicle components between the front bumper to rear bumper, including the PowerTrain auto warranty. Based on how it sounds, it might look like it covers every component of your vehicle, well most of the time bumper to bumper auto warranty does not cover every component which has wear and tear due to regular usage. So do read your documents before availing of the bumper to bumper auto warranty.
  • PowerTrain: A PowerTrain auto warranty covers the most expensive parts of the vehicle, like the propulsion, transmission and engine. In better words, PowerTrain auto Warranty covers only the most expensive repairs or replacements of in-vehicle components.


Extended Auto Warranty Coverage Limit: As we mentioned before, an extended auto warranty is entirely different from a manufacturer’s auto warranty. None of them is going to give you a lifetime validity for a warranty unless you keep on pouring in money. The Extended Auto Warranty Coverage differs from different warranty providers and especially your requirements. So when you consider buying a used car, you can simply buy an extended auto warranty if the previous car owner doesn’t provide you with a warranty. Do make sure to inspect the vehicle before purchasing, so you don’t entirely weigh in an extended auto warranty. You can renew the manufacturer auto warranty with the extended auto warranty by choosing which auto warranty fits you best, you can choose them based on your requirements by going through FindMyQuotes.


“To keep your auto warranty valid, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) suggests servicing your vehicle at all prescribed time and keeping records of all work performed”


So far, if you aren’t confused with Auto Warranty and Auto Insurance, here is the best part to help you understand “How having them both is the best investment you can invest in a vehicle?”


So What is Auto Warranty and Auto Insurance?

We will share a few details about it here for basic understanding, you might have to look for our blog post explaining benefits and coverage to help you understand which suits you better. If you’re still curious, you can check in FindMyQuotes and choose which Auto Warranty, as well as Auto Insurance, suits you better.

  • Both the Auto Warranty and Auto Insurance have their places when it comes to handling vehicle expenses either caused by wear and tear or an accident.
  • While Auto Warranty helps you repair or replace vehicle parts without the expense, Auto Insurance covers the entire vehicle including drivers health insurance. If you’ve chosen the right auto warranty and insurance through FindMyQuotes.
  • Importantly, none of the auto warranty and insurance covers the damages if you cause the damage to your vehicle to scam the Warranty and Insurance Company, which might lead you to get blacklisted from Warranty and Insurance claims.


How can FindMyQuotes help you find the best Warranty and Insurance?

FindMyQuotes acts as a portal between best warranty and insurance providers, connecting them with the customers who look for specific warranties and insurance that could fulfil their requirements. Not just for vehicles, FindMyQuotes helps you find the best health insurance companies, vehicle insurance companies, and so on. Do take a look at our website and contact us for any further queries.