It is no secret that Medicaid health insurance has changed the lives of many Americans. After all, many people keep profiting from the system. Its existence dates back over five decades ago. Regardless, a considerable share of Americans is not conversant with Medicaid eligibility. The millions of people without health insurance cover attest to this fact. Who are the right people to apply for this medical insurance? This article explains facts about Medicaid eligibility. So, ensure that you read on. Why? The piece highlights all the knowledge you need to know about Medicaid eligibility.

Who is eligible for Medicaid?

Medicaid is for low-income homes, pregnant women, children, and people with disabilities. The government uses a simple system to test an individual or family’s Medicaid eligibility. So, this section covers some of the qualifications for health insurance.

Children between 18 and 19 years in low-income families

People eligible for the medical cover include young teenagers from low-income families. The states recognize a poor family as one making below 138% of the Government federal poverty line. An excellent example is a family of three making less than $29,974.

Pregnant women with low incomes

Another group of people Medicaid eligible are pregnant women with low incomes. Their income is 138% below the federal poverty line. They receive mandatory qualifications to receive Medicaid insurance

Caretakers and parents with low income

In low-income families, the government still considers the guardians. The state offers affordable health insurance by making the caretakers meet Medicaid eligibility. In other words, caretakers in low-income families qualify for affordable health coverage.

People with disabilities, PWD, and seniors

The PWDs and most seniors under the Supplemental Security Income Program (SSI) are eligible for Medicaid insurance cover.

People with disabilities and seniors without the SSI assistance program

This category is another option that makes one fit Medicaid eligibility. It comprises seniors and PWDs who aren’t under the SSI Program but whose income is below the federal poverty line.

People in the categories above who exceed the limits

Individuals who qualify in the above groups receive mandatory Medicaid insurance. However, a state may offer optional health covers for other people that don’t meet these qualifications. However, their income should also be below 138% of the federal poverty line.

Medically needy people

We have people whose income exceeds the State’s Medicaid eligibility standard. However, they have substantial medical expenses. Note that people who need long-term support also fit in this category. That burden makes it eligible for Medicaid.

It would help if you were a US Citizen

One of the most general qualifications for Medicaid is to be a US citizen. All the individuals under these groups need to have US citizenship. Otherwise, they won’t receive Medicaid. Note that even lawful immigrants don’t meet Medicaid eligibility status. However, some states extend the medical health cover to pregnant women and children. Also, green cardholders in the US have to wait for five years before becoming eligible for Medicaid.

When applying for Medicaid health insurance, there are a few things to acknowledge. Not all low-income families meet Medicaid eligibility, including adults over 21 years.

How to apply for Medicaid health insurance?

After discovering you meet Medicaid eligibility, what follows? You need to apply for health insurance. So, this line of thought leads us to the next thing. How do you apply for Medicaid? The process is pretty simple, and this area will cover it. So, it would help to continue reading for reliable details.

  • Check the expansion of Medicaid in your states: Different States in the US have Medicaid, but not all. So, the most straightforward step is to check if your state is offering Medicaid.
  • Please find out if you meet Medicaid eligibility according to your state: Note that most states need you to meet the conditions above. Still, they may have other optional eligibility settings. You can use the available charts to see if your family size or income meets the qualifications. Ensure that you fit in one of the conditions to stand a chance for Medicaid.
  • Fill out the proper application papers in the Health Insurance Marketplace: The system is relatively easy and responds to the applicants. It states whether the Medicaid program suits you or your family. Also, it may suggest other programs and pass your information to the state agency for confirmation

How to appeal for Medicaid Eligibility?

What happens after you receive a denial notice on your Medicaid coverage? You can appeal the denial notice. There are some things you need to keep in mind.

When will you receive your notice? You will receive your decision notice 90 days after application if it is based on disability. Also, you will receive your Medicaid status notice 45 days after application if it is based on others. Note that your denial notice will be well written

What information does the notice feature? The state’s denial notice states that you have the right to appeal the denial notice. Besides, there is other critical information, including:

  • How to make a hearing appeal?
  • It tells you to get a lawyer or spokesperson to represent you.

The notice highlights why the state denied your request. Also, it quotes the State’s Medicaid Eligibility settings.

Different states work differently. So, you need to read your notice carefully on how to appeal the Medicaid denial notice. Submit the appeal within 90 days after receiving the denial notice.

Take the necessary precautions before the appeal hearing by preparing well. You can seek help from a friend or an attorney. Besides, appear for the hearing to stand a chance for your Medicaid eligibility to be revised.

Conclusion: Medicaid Eligibility

Medicaid insurance is a reliable medical cover for low-income families. It is here to stay, making people’s lives more significant and better. However, the main issue occurs when determining Medicaid eligibility. Who is eligible for Medicaid health insurance? Do you wish to understand Medicaid eligibility? If yes, this content will save you so much time and trouble. Read through the facts above to understand Medicaid better. FindmyQuotes website will assist you in making the right choice.