If you’ve gone through our previous blog post about “Home Warranty”, you might have gotten some clarity into how a home warranty works and the benefits of it. In this post, we will make sure to explain the difference between Home Warranty and Home Insurance and guidance that can help you purchase them both based on your requirements.

This content will be helpful to three types of homeowners, which will also give you better clarity in choosing what fits you best. You can find home insurance and home warranty providers through FindMyQuotes anytime.

  • First-time Home Owner
  • Landlord
  • Home Warranty and Home Insurance Renewer

What is a Home Warranty?

In short, Home Warranty is nothing but repair and replacement for household appliances that come under the Home Warranty terms. If any of your home appliances break down suddenly due to wear and tear or frequent usage you would call your home warranty provider and they will arrange for the repair or replacement. You can make home warranty claims if your appliance breakdown comes under the Home Warranty terms and agreements.

What is Home Insurance?

Home Insurance is entirely different from Home Warranty. So when would you need to Home Insurance? Your household appliances, structure, and we mean the entire property can be insured through Home Insurance. Homeowners insurance will cover your structure and content in the event of a casualty..


These Home Insurance costs vary from property to property, like

  • Property size or square footage.
  • Property with luxury appliances
  • Location of Property


Similarly, the Home Insurance claim varies based on how the property and appliances within it are damaged

  • You can claim Home Insurance only in case your property has been damaged due to natural calamities or even during a theft situation.
  • You can claim Home Insurance, only if you make sure to add your property along with the appliances. So you can claim damages on the property and appliances as well. You can claim health coverage too if your family members or visitors have met with an accident or are hurt on the property due to a defect or construction accident.
  • You can claim only if you’ve gone through the documents and remembered to add everything you require to claim Home Insurance in case of an emergency necessity.


What is the coverage limit for Home Insurance?

Similar to Home Warranty, Home Insurance coverage varies based on the damage to property and appliances, if it comes under the Home Insurance terms and conditions.


Here is how the coverage limit works;

  • Damage to the property caused by natural calamities, including forest fire, landslide or typhoon. You can claim home insurance if your home is damaged by any natural calamities and even theft damages are covered too.
  • Appliances and Equipment failures caused due to frequent usage, don’t come under Home Insurance. It comes under Home Warranty.
  • Building Structural Failures don’t come under Home Insurance too.


Note: Some Home Insurance companies even insure your personal possessions like, if you’re an art and antique collector, you can insure them under Home Insurance too. If you’re interested in these types of companies, contact us at FindMyQuotes and we will help you find the right Home Insurance Company fit for your requirement.


Why should you purchase both Home Insurance and Home Warranty?

Being a new homeowner, it might seem costly after purchasing lots of equipment and appliances to fill your house. You might be asking yourself, “how will I afford to repair them all?”. You need not worry about that, we will help you understand “how Home Warranty and Home Insurance” can help you save a lot of money from unnecessary expenses.


Home Warranty 

It’s crucial to know, most equipment and appliances in your home wouldn’t live up to the warranty unless they’re maintained frequently. These equipment and appliance failures are mainly caused due to the change in weather as well as the water content.


“As per the United States Government Geological Survey, at least one-third of the United States water pipeline is filled with hard water, which is minimum 180 Milligrams Calcium Carbonate per Liter”


The Reason we brought up water quality is that most of the highly relied on home appliances like your Boiler, Radiator, and Central Heating System require water as their main source of the working process. So the frequent failures within these appliances are normal and if you haven’t insured them, even a single repair might cost thousands.


Note: Make sure you request a free home warranty quote through FindMyQuotes that could help you overcome all kinds of additional expenses even if you’re living in a Hard Water Area.


Home Insurance

We advise everyone to have Home Insurance if you’re living in an area prone to frequent natural calamities, forest fires, typhoons, and so on.

Home Insurance covers expenses over everyone and everything within your property if it gets damaged due to natural calamities including the personal injury So buying home insurance is a three-way investment in protecting your property and appliances, as well as protecting your family during such natural calamities.


“As per CoreLogic, recent natural disasters have been made mortgage costs tripled and forecasted to occur in a wide area around the United States in coming years”


The above data is from a property risk assessment company, you can check the below image if you’re living in an area prone to natural disasters and how your home insurance can save you from expenses.


Is it mandatory to buy a Home Warranty if I already have Home Insurance?

Home insurance is mandatory if you’re living around areas prone to frequent natural calamities and a home warranty is completely optional if you’re always ready to empty your wallet.


How can FindMyQuotes help you find the right Home Insurance and Home Warranty provider?

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